Back Office Outsourcing for Compliance, Contracting, Consulting

Deliver on a global scale with People2.0 thanks to our ability to arrange any type of work for anyone, anywhere. Overcome the talent deficit by leveraging contingent workers so you can increase revenue streams and grow your consulting business. 

Classify, Employ, Pay

With our EOR/PEO and contractor employment services, you won’t have to worry about employee misclassification, legal employment, or payroll funding.

People2.0 offers payroll outsourcing, a proprietary international IC classification process, and more through local, national, and global EOR or umbrella company (AOR) services for any type of worker.

Hire Compliantly

Leave the risk mitigation to us. Focus on what you do best and continue growing your business. We mitigate risk and provide indemnification for contractor classification.

People2.0 handles everything from independent contractor classification to contractor compliance, IR35 and PAYE compliance, and more.

Grow Efficiently

Make People2.0 part of your growth strategy and start increasing revenue streams. Update your talent acquisition strategy and leverage contingent workers safely with full back office support.

We provide working capital solutions like full payroll funding plus benefits administration, contractor compliance, and more.

How People2.0 Helps You

Consulting firms are operating with a talent deficit. More than half of firms are struggling to source quality talent to fill the gap. Despite the fact that 32% of the workforce has transitioned away from conventional work models and embraced contingent work, more than two-thirds of consulting firms are not taking advantage of contingent workers.

People2.0 provides services as a global employer of record (EOR), often referred to as a European Professional Employer Organisation (PEO), and an agent of record (AOR) for independent workers, often referred to as an umbrella company to help you leverage highly skilled contingent talent alongside full-time talent so you can safely engage with the contingent workforce and successfully grow your consulting business. Together, we can increase your speed of deployment, quality of talent, and revenue streams. Take advantage of the growing number of contingent workers locally, nationally, and globally and see your utilisation rate rise.

Worker Classification

Employee misclassification is no small matter. Businesses like yours need a partner they can trust to avoid and provide protection against improper independent contractor classification. Misclassifying IR35 status for self-employed or freelance workers, for example, can result in costly and lengthy cases for end clients. People2.0 will mitigate risk and indemnify employee misclassification so you don’t have to worry about the simple mistake of identifying independent contractor vs employee when engaging with contingent workers.

Let People2.0 handle the risk mitigation. Thanks to our proprietary international independent contractor (IC) classification process, you’ll be protected from the risk of worker misclassification. Whether you’re placing full-time employees, contingent workers, or freelance contractors, you can trust us to get it done right.

Payroll and Taxes

With umbrella company (AOR) and EOR services around the globe, People2.0 can help you with all your payroll outsourcing needs. You won’t have to worry about working capital or compliance thanks to our payroll services. Access full payroll funding and tax administration services for local, national, and global workers whether they’re onsite, or remote employees and independent or self-employed workers.

Local vs Global

Whether you consult locally, nationally, or globally, People2.0 can help grow your consulting business. We are the largest global employer of record (EOR) and umbrella company (AOR) platform. Our services can open your business up to a world of possibilities thanks to our global breadth of knowledge—with a local depth that can’t be beat.

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Why People2.0 Should Be Part of Your Growth Strategy


We have end-to-end expertise. Don’t let the talent deficit hold you back. With our end-to-end expertise, you can fill in the gaps. Fill in the gaps and scale your business quickly and efficiently with our highly scalable end-to-end solution. People2.0 helps businesses like yours save money, improve efficiency, and increase revenue streams whether you’re working with traditional or non-traditional workers.  

It doesn’t matter if you’re operationalising your growth strategy or devising your national or global expansion strategy, People2.0’s back office support can provide the global breadth and local depth to ensure it’s all done quickly and compliantly. 

Global Coverage

You need a partner that understands the way forward. We built our foundation on the global workforce revolution. People2.0 offers back office solutions and compliance services around the world with over 20 global service centres. Ensure that you are always in compliance with the laws and regulations in the countries where you’re working thanks to our intimate local knowledge. 

We can arrange any type of work for anyone, anywhere from full-time workers to 98% of the world’s contingent workers.


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Scale your business

From Local to International Consulting Support, We’ve Got You Covered with The World’s Most Comprehensive EOR and AOR Services

Employer of Record

For those working with full-time employees, we take on the responsibilities for the talent as the employer of record, also known as a European Professional Employer Organisation (PEO). With our help, consulting firms can focus their time, attention, and resources on growing their consulting business and increasing revenue streams. We provide a wealth of services from onboarding administration, employee benefits services, full payroll funding, and more. 

Don’t let the complex and time-consuming back office tasks eat up all of your time. Operationalise your growth strategy and scale your business with EOR services from People2.0.

Agent of Record (Umbrella Company)

If you work with contingent labour or independent contractors, our comprehensive AOR, or contractor employment, services can help you take advantage of the growing number of contingent workers by acting as an umbrella company. Our contractor compliance services and proprietary independent contractor (IC) classification process means we handle the risk mitigation and indemnification. 


Don’t open yourself up to employee misclassification penalties, IR35 status mistakes, or an employee misclassification lawsuit. Leverage the contingent workforce safely when you leave the independent contractor classification to us.

Knowledge CentRE

Get insights tailored to your industry with People2.0 resources. We cover everything you could need from payroll funding and payroll tax processing to independent or self-employed contractor classification and contingent workers. Whether you work locally, nationally, or globally, People2.0 has resources that can help you.

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