HR Outsourcing for Local and Global Staffing

We provide back office services so you can focus on recruiting

Don’t Limit Yourself

Successful staffing agencies can place contracts anywhere and provide employee benefits—even if it’s through a third party.

We provide EOR services including employer benefits in accordance with local business practices.

Hire Compliantly

People2.0 offers compliance services fully covering all compliance, insurance, and regulatory issues so you can focus on talent acquisition.

Get best-in-class risk management no matter where you’re hiring.

Eliminate Worry

With payroll outsourcing, you can ensure that your employees are paid in full, on time, without worry.

People2.0 provides payroll funding for staffing companies advancing up to 100%.

How People2.0 Helps You

We provide both employer of record (EOR) services, often referred to as a European Professional Employer Organisation (PEO), and agent of record (AOR) services for independent workers, often referred to as an umbrella company. Through our EOR and AOR services platform, you can unlock a world of opportunities so you can scale your business while outsourcing back office functions. We provide services that help you compete with the “big guys.”

Worker Classification

Employee misclassification can cost you. We can ensure that you’re not only hiring compliantly but classifying properly. You won’t have to struggle with the concept of independent contractor vs employee thanks to our proprietary international independent contractor (IC) compliance and classification process.

Whether you’re hiring permanent employees, contingent workers, or self-employed contractors, you'll be protected from the risk of worker misclassification, while ensuring IR35 rules are followed for contractors. People2.0 takes on the risk mitigation and indemnification, putting less pressure on staffing companies.

Payroll and Taxes

People2.0 is a payroll service provider, delivering compliant payroll management from payroll funding for staffing companies to payroll taxes. Whether you’re providing local or global staffing, onsite or remote, we can help you tackle the biggest hurdle: compliance.

Local vs Global

Successful staffing agencies know that each state, region, and country has a different set of laws and regulations. Keeping up with them all so that you can place contracts in multiple jurisdictions can be complicated and time-consuming.

Beyond employee classification, you need to ensure that you're adhering to local laws and regulations. This can get even more complicated when hiring remote workers or global talent.

See How People2.0 Helps Build Successful Staffing Agencies

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With People2.0 you can be confident that everything is done compliantly every time. The breadth and depth of our experience shows through our incredible coverage, back office solutions, and deep local knowledge.

Our highly scalable end-to-end solution provides everything successful staffing agencies need to scale and compete with larger firms. Our expertise allows you to do it all quickly and compliantly.

Global Coverage

People2.0 is the largest global employer of record (EOR) and contractor employment or agent of record (AOR) services platform. With our help, you can open yourself up to global talent acquisition and provide global staffing solutions to your clients.

With our global EOR and umbrella company (AOR) services, you can hire anyone, anywhere. We have capabilities around the globe and the local expertise to ensure you’re following the law to the letter.


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Scale your business

The Secret to Running a Successful Staffing Agency? Leverage the World’s Most Comprehensive EOR/AOR Services Provider.

Employer of Record

You complete the talent acquisition process and provide top talent for your clients. As the employer of record or European professional employer organisations (PEO) as it’s more commonly known, we act as the employer for that talent. People2.0 will provide regulatory compliance services and manage onboarding, benefits administration, and payroll funding for staffing companies. We handle the complex and time-consuming back office functions so you can focus your attention on scaling your business.

Agent of Record (Umbrella Company)

When your clients want to work with a contractor, People2.0 will mitigate the risks of employee misclassification throughout each assignment with our proprietary independent contractor (IC) classification process. Compliance should be the least of your worries. We take on the risk management so you can focus on what you do best.

Knowledge Centre

Whether you focus on local or global staffing, People2.0 has resources to help you so you never have to question how to run a successful staffing agency. We cover everything successful staffing agencies could need from payroll funding for staffing companies and payroll tax processing to international staffing and contingent workers. Get insights tailored to your industry with People2.0 resources.

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Discover the many differences between an employer of record (EOR) and a professional employer organization (PEO).

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all upside. no downside.

Find out how simply and quickly our distributed workforce capabilities can unlock your possibilities.

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